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Live Smart. Live Different.



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The Next Door Project is a fresh look at what a home can be for you and your family. We look at every aspect of how a modern family lives and, more importantly, how they do not live.  We eliminate unnecessary aspects of conventional living and accentuate areas that mean the most to you and your family so that you can live smart and live different.

Home Entrance

Live Smart
Live Different

A New Way Of Thinking About Your Home..

Brand New, Affordable, Single Family Home
2-3 Bedroom, 2 Bath
600 - 1200 SQFT
Low Operating And Maintenance Costs
Environmentally Correct
New Technologies, Materials And Processes

Efficient Construction Timeline
Safe, Clean And Great Tasting Water
Next Gen, Creative, Open And Inclusive Design


No Dirty Water

The growing awareness of water quality within the home may leave you concerned for the health of your family. Each home we build contains a No Dirty Water water purification system. No chlorine or sulfur smell, iron color, lead and other heavy metals, harmful bacteria and cysts.


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