• Hannah Sailar

First Build Updates

The last few months have been busy as we are well under way building the first house! The time has been fun but not without challenges, however, these bumps in the road can only accelerate my wisdom within the industry. Below are photos throughout the process along with some lessons learned.

1. It is possible to change your layout design during the build process. It's a bit inconvenient and will slow the momentum but it isn't the end of the world.

2. Do electrical rough-in before the siding to make outside lighting easier to install.

3. Order doors and windows very early! A delay in getting them from the manufacturer set our schedule back for weeks.

4. If you do end up changing your design, make sure all contractors have the most up to date drawing before they start their work.

5. If you are building your house to sell, put your contact information on site as early as possible.

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