• Hannah Sailar

No Basement, No Flooding, No Problem

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Once upon a time, a wise builder once told me, "a basement is just expensive storage."

We pay an obscene amount of money to dig a basement and keep the air at an acceptable temperature just for a place for our "stuff". And after all that, your things are not even guaranteed to stay safe.

Basements seem to cause more problems than they solve. How often do you over hear woes from your coworker about their basement flooding after the most current 100-year storm (storms that always seems to happen a little more often than every 100 years, but this isn't a post about climate change so I will save that for another day).

Here is a link to an article from the Lansing State Journal:

Lansing to pay $1.25 million after residents sued over sewage that flooded their basements

Bad weather will happen and aging infrastructure can fail. Avoid the water, the mold, the damaged belongings and the painful insurance company quarrels by keeping the basement out of the plans all together.

#NoBasement #SimpleLiving #LessStuff

P.S. One floor residences are a great way to age in place.

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